We make good things.

Artificial intelligence powered neural interfaces that improve lives and transform experiences

Responsible Company is an Isle of Man start-up developing affordable, non-invasive brain and body machine interfaces powered by neural networks that allow people to control computers, prosthetics and games with their mind.

We believe that quality of life is often overlooked when serving critical needs. We want to change that by reimagining how people and machines collaborate, as if they were part of our thought and movement, and design them in way that helps express our identity.

Goal 1:   Natural and voluntary motion of prosthetics and virtual reality models for amputees

Goal 2:   Effortless communication and interactive experiences for people with paralysis

Our mission is to make meaningful moments accessible to everyone. We will do this by combining computational neuroscience, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence, computer programming, statistics, biophysics and design.

Long-term, the mass consumer market will adopt non-invasive interface technology such as ours to act like a universal controller as virtual reality (VR) and augmeted reality (AR) become more popular, opening up new possibilities in immersive worlds like the Metaverse or even the real world with 3D cameras.

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